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Cost Calculator

The below shows a cost calculator that enables you to estimate the costs of various development plans. By default, the cost calculator is configured to the Super E category, which showcases the most energy-efficient option. However, please feel free to tailor the cost calculator to meet your specific requirements. Simply to drag the slider and observe how different factors influence the overall cost and energy efficiency of your eco home.

Total Floor Area (m2):
Equivalent to:
Medium i
Super E i
Passive Haus i

Total Kit Weathetight:

Timber Frame Kit Walls, Floor & Roof all Designed, Supplied and erected to Weathertight ready for 1st & 2nd fix

Total Turnkey:

Guide price for completed home to move in and live to good finsihings , kitchen and bathrooms

Potential Market Benefit*:

Potential Build Saving**:

Fast-Build Made in Factory. Guaranteed Delivery Times. Read moreErected in days onsite, Upto 50% less Build time to completion, reduced H & S , Stress-less, Predictable, Precise, Performance, Quality consistency, reduced weather & labour problems erected to Weather & Airtight, Future Proofed Exceeds Building Regs, Climate Positive Eco Credentials, Low Energy & Healtheir Living Environments.Predicatable, Faster, Safer, Profitable

*Compared to Brick & Block Part L 2023 & Demand & Suply conditions in the area

**Comparable to Brick & Block & Part L 2023

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Canadian Super E: Passive Haus Alternative Solution

The Canadian Super E Build Concept for low energy homes is the Affordable Alternative to Passive Haus. By using Super E, you could save at least 40% of the cost with a similar performance of Passive Haus. Please use the cost calculator below to see how much you can save.

Total Floor Area (m2):
Equivalent to:
Super E
Passive Haus
Energy Saving
Lifestyle Healthy Living
Eco Renewables

Total Turnkey :

Total Kit Weathetight :

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Need some help? We are here for you!

Our Online Home Build Cost Calculator provides a quick and simple guide to an estimated total build & subsequent Timber Frame Kit cost based on floor area, budget, energy efficiency and environmental aspirations.

You can vary the floor space and move the sliders on each of the four criteria to see the effect of your changes on the build & Kit cost and get a good idea for this relative to the size of house and levels of affordability, comfort, health, energy efficient and environmentally friendly living criteria you are seeking.

Set the floor space and sliders to your estimated requirements and then click “Send me a Quote” to receive a written estimate and if interested we can discuss the proposal in a little more detail and develop the scheme.

Super E offers the most affordable approach to an energy saving, healthy and environmentally friendly build. This gives high levels of insulation and airtightness reducing future energy bills substantially when combined with a mechanical Ventilation & Heat Retention “Whole House System”.

Comfortable —Super E houses offer draught free living and a constant even temperature with effective ventilation delivering fresh air throughout the house. Added to which the insulation in the prefabricated panels ensure a Super E home is peaceful and private.

Healthier — The use of healthy building materials building materials and good indoor air quality provide a healthy living environment.

Energy efficient — The cost of ownership is as important as the initial build cost and Super E will cut running costs to a fraction of those for traditional builds. The Super E standard is for air leakage of less than 1.5 air changes per hour compared with 12 to 13 on traditional builds. Homeowners will appreciate the energy costs they can save every month with their Super E house.

Environmentally progressive — Super E encourages using building materials and methods that reduce the impact on the natural environment.

More about Super E

Design Evaluation

The plans and specifications for every Super E  house are subject to a complete evaluation with an energy analysis before being built.This design evaluation verifies that the finished house will meet the exacting Super E standards to ensure occupant comfort, durability, safe and proper performance of the ventilation and mechanical systems, energy efficiency and reduced impact on the environment.

Building Envelope

The building envelope of a Super E house- exposed floors, walls and ceiling or roofs must conform to advanced levels of insulation, airtightness and condensation control. The continuous, well-sealed air barrier of the building envelope makes the house draught-free, easy to heat and cool, and helps to control indoor humidity. High levels of insulation ensure that the home is affordable to heat and can maintain a comfortable living temperature, all year long.

Quiet Living

Super E  houses offer added protection against the annoyance of unwanted outdoor noise. The increased insulation levels coupled with high performance windows and extra attention to minimize uncontrolled air leakage and draughts also keeps exterior noise out.