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irish factory 1 CMYK-1Pre-engineered timber frame panels

Pre-engineered timber frame panels make the most of modern methods of construction. Prefabrication means your panels have all the advantages of factory mechanisation. The factory setting enhances affordability through a combination of quantity purchasing of materials, mass production assembly techniques and the use of less skilled labour. It also promotes higher quality and faster build due to the controlled conditions possible in a factory, as opposed to a building site exposed to the elements. Computerisation of the production process also permits a high degree of customisation at modest cost.

Closed panel systems

Take advantage of four season construction with pre-engineered closed timber frame panels from Eco Homes Direct. These panels come with insulation, air barrier, a chase for wiring and pre-cut openings for windows and doors. Manufacturing techniques allow house designers to optimise the design of wall panels, ensuring there are no thermal bridges inside the walls, and there is adequate insulation and a continuous air barrier.