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Offsite Construction is fast becoming the preferred method of many Self Builders and developers as costs are much more predictable and can be kept under control in a factory environment where weather and logistics do not cause any setbacks or complications. Comfortable , dry and clean working conditions produce accurate , on time timber engineered build systems that can be erected onsite in days rather than months.

Air-tightness, insulation and dependable design techniques are best dealt with in controlled conditions with experienced personnel using the best combination of products that integrate with predictability to bring about the affordable solution to your design.

As CSH Code levels become more demanding and mandatory in UK Building regulations in order to improve building practices and improve energy efficiencies, Offsite Construction and fully Closed Panel techniques are fast becoming one of the most affordable solutions to meeting planning conditions and controlling budgets and finances.

Onsite inconvinience and reduced subcontractors to communicate with, are yet other major benefits helping promote goodwill to neighbours and prevent traffic disruption as well as allowing follow-on trades to work quickly and comfortably in a safe and together work environment minimising time and reducing mistakes through inefficient communication.

Pre-planning and joined up thinking prior to the onsite build is the Offsite mantra to avoid costly mistakes and disruption.