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Passive House – Three Terraced Houses in Lambeth, London – Airtight 0.2 – Meticulous attention to detail – Super Low Energy Living

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Eco Homes Direct were enlisted to use their erection expertise to work with Sandwood Construction in London to deliver a partially onsite Timber Engineered system and deliver high levels of air-tightness to achieve Passive House standards [Airtight to o.6 Air changes per hour]The meticulous attention to detail during design and erection stages enabled Eco Homes to achieve an airtight test result of between o.2 and o.25 air changes per hour not only satisfying the target objective for Passive House  but exceeding it by 3 times. Sandwood Construction and the final client Lambeth Council were extremely pleased with the results and happy to have started their Low Housing program with such wonderful results. Well done to everyone involved.


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